R.S. Sewing Privacy Policy

As a visitor to our Website you have the right to privacy. Information collected through our site will only be used as disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

All personal data will not be, under any circumstance, sold or shared with a third party except for the purpose of purchasing in which case for security purposes, purchaser will be notified and transferred to a secure SSL encrypted server provided by a third party merchant service.

Purchaser must provide following information to ensure fulfillment of order i) Name ii) Email iii) billing address iv) credit card number v) expiration date vi) ccv number.

All data is used for the sole purpose of i) improvement of the content of the Website ii) notification of Website updates iii) billing purposes (invoicing) iv) fulfillment of customer orders v) gathering of visitor’s information for the purpose of contacting and elaborating on our products and services.

Changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted to the Website without notice.

All other questions or inquiries please refer to the Terms and Services or contact us directly at the following address: attn Administrator 1387 Clarendon Ave SW. Canton, OH 44710, or by sending an e-mail, read receipt requested, to rssewing@sbcglobal.net.

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